Sporting Highpower News

The club will be hosting the Washington State Sporting Highpower championship in 2018. We have tentatively set the date of the match for May 19-20. We will fire 4 standard matches over the course of 2 days, 32 rounds per match. The match is open to any centerfire rifle weighing 9.5lbs or less, and no padded shooting jackets or gloves are allowed. Shooters must also be members of the Washington State Rifle & Pistol Association to be eligible for awards. Membership in the state association is $15 for the first year and is available online at Entry fees for the match have not yet been set.

Obviously, we will have to strictly enforce all rules. To that end, we will have a scale available at each sporting highpower match starting in December so that everyone can weigh their rifles to make sure there are no surprises in May. We will also be happy to examine any other equipment to make sure it meets the rules.

The state traveling trophy is up for grabs, so please come join us if you are interested!

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