September 2015 Club Newsletter

Upcoming meetings: October 1 and November 5 (all meetings are at the Griggs Hunter Ed room @ 7pm)
Upcoming work parties: Consult our website (maintenance chair Greg Hagen 545-4705

General Announcements

The 2015 club calendar is up on the website. As always, it may be updated as new things come up, but we hope these changes will be minimal. Be sure to take a look at the calendar before you head out to the range, and pay special attention to which events allow general shooting while the event is going on. We don’t want you to waste your time or fuel driving out to the range if you won’t be able to shoot.

Membership: Dues are $80, or $40 if you participated in a work party in the last year. You can mail your renewal to the club address, or come to a meeting to renew. Also please remember that our membership committee is made up of volunteers, and all of them have day jobs, and remember that all mail in the Tri-Cities now goes through Spokane, so make sure to send in your renewal early so you don’t get locked out.

TCMSA wants you to know: Don’t handle firearms AT ALL while the range is cold. This includes firearms that are in a case, in your car, in the racks, or on the line. DON’T TOUCH THEM AT ALL until the line goes hot.

Match Reports: Gaylord indicated that the Aug 8th .22 match had 20 shooters: 3 children, 3 women and 4 prone shooters. The next match is Oct 10th. The Aug 15th SHP had 8 shooters. It was windy. The next match is Sept 19th. The next CMP match is Sept. 5th. On Sept 12th there is Hunter Ed and Hunter site-in, and so there will be no .22 match that day. Mark shot the benchrest match on Aug29. He said there were 2 shooters from Colfax and Rick deGroat that shot with him. He said it was a lot of fun.

Board Report: Dave Baalman said they met 3 times. The main topic was outside range use. We have a lot of members, and many outside groups using the range. It was decided that as of next year we would not allow this type of range use by outsiders.

Safety Committee Report: Dave Baalman said there were 110 shooters during S.A. shifts, with 5 teachable moments. This is 1/22, and last August was 1/10. We didn’t make a 3rd month w/o cold handling issues, tho’. The biggest issue was a windy day that blew loose targets at the firing line, and a small child ran out to catch them when the range was hot. He was snagged, and no harm done…but a reminder to be vigilant when taking small/young children to the range.

Reminder: Members are responsible for all the guests they bring to the range.

Let Dave Baalman know if you’re willing to volunteer. You get work party credit, and a $25 gift card for each shift—Griggs, Sportsman’s, Ranch & Home. Safety advisor volunteers need to have been a member of the club for at least 2 years, or have shot in at least 6 club sanctioned matches, or otherwise be able to demonstrate extensive experience in operating an organized firing facility, such as military or law enforcement experience. Safety advisors are at the range on Fridays & weekends during peak use hours, and can shoot during their shifts. The main duty is just to watch the line and educate any members who need some extra coaching on the rules or general safety. If you want some more information or want to volunteer, contact Dave Baalman at 783-4141 or send an email to the club address.

Range Report: Greg said that the range had been mowed. There was no work party scheduled at this time. Please pick up your used targets, and any found loose paper.


NEW BUSINESS: From the floor, it was shared that there is an Appleseed shoot on Oct 3rd and 4th in Coeur d’Alene. It is $50, and there is a $20 range fee. There are 12 spots still open.

Special announcement and reminder from the TCMSA Board of Directors:

Recently we’ve had a question posed to the officers & board asking for official interpretation of the existing club rules: Is it within the rules to draw from a holster at the range? This subject is not directly addressed in the rules, but several other areas of the rules apply. Rule #2:” Never point a gun at anything you are not willing to shoot or destroy”, and rule #3 “Never place your finger on the trigger or inside the trigger guard until your sights are on the target” seem to apply. We see no way to draw from a shoulder, cross draw, belly band, or small of the back holster without pointing your firearm at the rest of the shooters on the line. It is therefore our official interpretation of the current club rules that drawing from a holster is only allowed if: it is from a strong side or ankle holster, AND the firearm never sweeps anyone on the line including the person drawing, AND the shooter’s finger stays off the trigger until the sights are on target AND the finger is removed from the trigger before attempting to holster the firearm.

That being said, we STRONGLY SUGGEST that this is not something you should try for the first time at the range with a live firearm. Drawing from a holster is all about muscle memory, which should be developed at home with an empty firearm through hundreds or even thousands of repetitions before you ever try it live. We also suggest you use some judgement on how quickly you should be drawing. You can’t miss fast enough to win a gun fight, and you aren’t doing well if you start off with a hole in your leg from your own gun, so keep it at a reasonable speed.

How to clean your AR-15: Here’s a video that illustrates field stripping and cleaning direct impingement type ARs. It’s very detailed (25 minutes long).

Here’s another from Cheaper than dirt on cleaning the AR-15.

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Stay safe, keep your powder dry and we’ll see you at the range!

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