September 2012 Newsletter


Upcoming meetings: September 6 & October 4 (all meetings are at the Griggs Hunter Ed room @ 7pm)

Upcoming work parties: TBA (maintenance chair Greg Hagen 545-4705, work parties start @8am)

We have our annual hunter sight in days on September 15 & September 23. If you haven’t been to a work party yet this year, this is an excellent opportunity to get your work party credit. We need members to act as coaches / spotters for people sighting in their hunting rifles, as well as people to help with advertising the events and with setup and teardown. Contact Ray Vollert at the September meeting or by phone to volunteer. If you plan on helping out, bring whatever equipment you can to help get people sighted in, such as sand bags or benchrest gear, spotting scopes, gunsmith’s screwdrivers, bore sighting equipment etc. It also helps to bring your own rifle so you have something to do when you aren’t coaching.

Due to unforeseen circumstances involving the availability of the Touchet Gun Club’s personnel (and therefore their equipment) we will have to cancel the September and October Three Gun Challenges. They will be available again for the Veteran’s Day Three Gun Challenge on November 10th.

Please remember that the horn & strobe system is only a communication device. It is there to make it easier to get everyone on the same page quickly to go hot or cold, and so that anyone can determine at a glance what the condition of the range is (hot or cold). The instructions for use of the system are on a sign next to each switch, so if you don’t remember how the system works, take a moment to read the sign. Also please remember that the strobes can be hard to see in the bright sunlight. Most importantly please remember that the safety system doesn’t unload anyone’s gun, so before going downrange take a moment to make sure everyone’s guns are clear and that everyone is ready to go cold. Also before resuming fire, please take a moment to make sure that the strobes are off, that everyone has returned from downrange, and everyone is ready to resume fire.

When you go through the gate, it must be locked behind you (except on public use days). Be sure to spin the numbers on the lock, and please give the lock a little tug to make sure it is truly locked. The lock gets a lot of wear between the amount of use it gets and the blowing sand throughout the year, so it sometimes gets a little sticky. If it isn’t fully locked, it can spring open when pulled or when the sun heats the metal up a bit, leaving the gate unlocked.

Hunter Education classes are still going on at our range. Members are welcome to shoot while classes are being conducted, but remember that the Hunter Education Director is the Range Master. They will let you know if there is a certain area of the range that is closed to general shooting, and they will determine when the range goes hot or cold. They are always willing to accommodate general shooters as much as possible, but remember that they have a lot of students to work through the class in a limited amount of time.

Thanks to Sam Kniveton for putting together our new spectator benches at the range. They are portable, so if you would like to watch a match, Hunter Education class, or just watch someone shoot, feel free to move one of the benches to wherever you would like to sit. Remember though that if you are sitting in front of the parking pipe, you still need your eye & ear protection while the range is hot. Also note that the backs of the benches pivot, so if you need a large table, place two of the benches back to back, with the backs tilted, and you have a picnic table.


Hunter Bench: (Match Director Wally Ruff 967-5087)
Upcoming matches: October 12 (club match @ 100 yd, 10am start, range closes to general shooting at 8am)

CMP Highpower: (Match Director Gaylord Baker 628-9044)
Upcoming matches: September 6 & October 1 (7:30 set-up, start shooting at 8:00)

Three Gun: (Match Director Mark Perkins)
Upcoming matches: November 10 (9am start)

NRA Highpower Sporting Rifle: (Match Director Marlee Parks)
Upcoming matches: August 29 (start shooting at 6pm) September 8 (start shooting at 8am)

The August 29 match is a Wednesday evening. We will start setting up around 5pm, and have a quick bite before the match (bring something you can throw on the grill). The September 8 match is our second league shoot. Anyone is welcome to attend and shoot, the league members will be shooting for official scores, anyone else can join in for fun!

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