October 2017 Club Newsletter

Upcoming meetings: November 2 and December 7, 2017 (all meetings are at the Griggs Hunter Ed room @ 7 pm)
Upcoming work parties:  Consult our website (maintenance chair Greg Hagen 545-4705

General Announcements

The 2017 club calendar is up on the website (see link above). As always, it may be updated as new things come up, but we hope these changes will be minimal. Be sure to take a look at the calendar before you head out to the range, and pay special attention to which events allow general shooting while the event is going on. We don’t want you to waste your time or fuel driving out to the range if you won’t be able to shoot.

Membership:  Dues: It is $80 to join with renewals at $60, or $40 if you participated in a work party in the last year.  If the renewal is late (after July 1st) you will need to rejoin at $80.  You can mail your renewal to the club address during Jan/Feb to save from being on long lines during meetings, or come to a meeting to renew but face the lines.  Also please remember that our membership committee is made up of volunteers, and all of them have day jobs and remember that all mail in the Tri-Cities now goes through Spokane, so make sure to send in your renewal early so you don’t get locked out.

TCMSA wants you to know: Eye & ear protection is required when the range is hot for anyone in front of the parking pipe. It is also strongly suggested anywhere at the range when the line is hot. Remember it’s hard to shoot well when you are blind, and hearing loss is probably the only disability in the world where everyone around you gets mad at you for being disabled.

President’s Column:

The range is in pretty good shape, and we are having a work party on Sunday, October 15th.  We are having 32 yards of fill delivered to expand the 7-yard firing line on the handgun range.  That fill is being delivered this week, so if you see dump trucks, you know why they are there.  The work party is also going to paint the reloading shed that was improved at the last work party.  Other chores will be general range maintenance.  The work party starts at 8 am.

Again, all members are reminded not to shoot steel core ammo at any steel targets, it destroys the target and in dry weather can very easily start a range fire.

3 Gun Shoot: There was a 3 gun competition on Sep. 10th. There were 6 shooters and the top two people split the brass. First place went home with around 40 Lb. 0f 223 brass. Second place about 40 LB. pistol brass.  For the Sep.30  3 gun shoot scheduled, only three people showed up . the match was canceled.  There is another 3 gun shoot scheduled for Saturday the 14th of October at 9:30 after the 22 match.  Bob Byers

 Bench Rest/Club Matches: Twelve shooters turned out for the Washington State Hunter Class State Championship at TCMSA in Sept.  While the weather was nice and everyone enjoyed the day, the shooters faced a variety of challenges from trigger failures to mild but constantly changing wind conditions.  For the remainder of the year, our matches will be “club matches” meaning no sanctioned events so we make up the rules as we go!  Match dates for the remainder of the year are October 28th, November 25th, and December 23rd  so dust off them varmint guns and come have some fun and get ready for some coyote blasting this winter.  B. Birney

Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Match:  The October 7th CMP competition had 11 participants, with 9 shooting with iron sights or scopes 4.5 power or less.  2 participants were shooting ‘any/any’, which is any rifle, any sights.  Any sights is usually a scope with greater than 4.5 power.  You can participate in the competition with any military-style rifle.  The course of fire is 50 rounds for record plus sighters.  The next match is Saturday, November 4th, the set up is 8:30 am and the match starts at 9:00 am, which is the winter matches times.  The cost for this match is $5.

100 yard .22 rimfire Match: The September 9th match was canceled when virtually all of central Washington was suffering from very bad air quality because of the wildfires all around us.  The next match is Saturday, October 14th.  This match is very popular with all shooters.  The various classifications we have means that you will only be competing with others in your equipment classification.  The course is 40 rounds for record and unlimited sighters.  Because of the popularity of this match, including women and kids, the club has decided to keep the match free to all.  The setup is at 7:30 am and the match starts at 8: am.  Winter match hours start in November, be sure to check the calendar!

Safety Committee Report: None.

Reminder:  Members are responsible for all the guests they bring to the range.  Additionally, every member is accountable for the condition of the range.

 Board Report:  None.

Check out this website for some solid long-range shootings tips (a great refresher for veteran shooters as well)… https://guncarrier.com/long-range-shooting-tips-beginners/

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