Mid-Month September Update

Hey everyone.

Just a few news items for you mid-month.

We had a work party on September 15, and installed a few new benches in the pistol area. One of the biggest problems we have been seeing is people not understanding where the firing line is in the pistol area, so this should help with that, and also help prevent another issue, people loading their pistols at the picnic tables and then walking up to the line with a loaded gun, not pointed in a safe direction. We hope this will help with that too, since now there is a convenient place to put your ammo, gun case, etc., right at the line.


We also now have several rifle racks up & down the line. There is no longer any excuse to set a rifle on the shelves behind the firing line pointed at other shooters (not that there was before either). If you need to get one out of your way on the bench, put it in the rack. There is also a bungee cord to keep the wind from knocking your rifle out of the rack on those    typical Southeast Washington fall days.


We are seeing a lot of damage to the target frames from people putting their targets directly in front of the framework. We have put a mark on the front of the frames to help people remember where not to put their targets, so please take note.


We have been seeing a bunch of spiders at the range the last couple of weeks. We sprayed the entire firing line, plus the outhouses and the rain canopies with an insecticide, so they shouldn’t be a problem for long, but be alert for them none the less!

Remember that you are responsible for the actions of any guests you bring to the range. The Safety Advisors tell us that many of the issues they see are basic rules violations committed by guests. We are at that time of year when many people bring hunting buddies or other friends to the range to get sighted in for hunting season. Guests are welcome, but we suggest you take a moment before you start shooting to brief them on the rules. The safety rules are posted on signs all over the range, so take a moment to review them yourself and fill your guests in so that there is not a problem later.

Don’t forget about our last hunter sight in day on the 28th. Bring a friend. More info is available in the regular September newsletter, it’s on the website if you lost track of it.

Also don’t forget about the opportunity to shoot a match using the remaining ammo from the NRA Foundation grant we received. More info available in the regular September newsletter on the website.

Safe shooting everyone!

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