KNDU at the TCMSA Range

TCMSA received an email from Crystal Garcia, a morning show reporter for KNDU expressing an interest in doing a story with the club about gun safety (shooting, handling, etc.) since it is Spring and a lot more people are going outdoors for activities such as shooting. She wanted to meet with someone from the club for four live segments each about 1-2 minutes each. This was pretty short notice as she indicated that she would need this for tomorrow morning (4-6-17) at 5:00, 5:30, 6:00, and 6:30am.

TCMSA member Mark Johnson met Crystal at the gas station on Kahlotus highway at 4:30 AM (that’s O’ Dark Thirty.)

Mark taught her the safety rules and after repeating them so often began to get a little tongue-tied himself. But she obviosly learned them as she was able to prompt him on live TV.

She had never handled or shot a firearm before and in the third session she wanted to do just that. Sort of hard to train someone in two minutes to shoot, but Mark and Crystal did very well. She shot one of Mark’s lever action Marlin 22LR rifles. Mark offered to take her shooting on one of her days off as she wants to shoot a pistol.

Here are the two clips from the KNDU website.
If the videos don’t load, just follow the links right below them.

Firearm Safety: Rules to live by

Firearm Safety: Crystal Fires Her First Shot

At the end of the video segment Crystal explains that she can’t go down range to check the target since the line is hot, but promises to post pictures on Facebook.

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