January 2016 Club Newsletter

Upcoming meetings: February 4, and March 4, 2016 (all meetings are at the Griggs Hunter Ed room @ 7pm)
Upcoming work parties: Consult our website (maintenance chair Greg Hagen 545-4705

General Announcements

The 2016 club calendar is up on the website (see link above). As always, it may be updated as new things come up, but we hope these changes will be minimal. Be sure to take a look at the calendar before you head out to the range, and pay special attention to which events allow general shooting while the event is going on. We don’t want you to waste your time or fuel driving out to the range if you won’t be able to shoot.

Membership: Dues: It is $80 to join with renewals at $60, or $40 if you participated in a work party in the last year. If the renewal is late (after July 1st) you will need to rejoin at $80. You can mail your renewal to the club address during Jan/Feb to save from being on long lines during meetings, or come to a meeting to renew but face the lines. Also please remember that our membership committee is made up of volunteers, and all of them have day jobs, and remember that all mail in the Tri-Cities now goes through Spokane, so make sure to send in your renewal early so you don’t get locked out.

TCMSA wants you to know: Bullets must hit the berms. This is controlled by where you put your target. Take a look before you go hot to make sure your target is at the right height to ensure that the bullet will hit the berm. Due to ricochets, bullets that hit in front of the berm are just as dangerous as ones that go over it.

Match Reports: Gaylord indicated the Dec 5th CMP had 8 shooters-6 CMP and 2 any any. The Jan 2nd match had 5 shooters- 3 CMP and 2 any any. The next match is Feb 6th at 9 am. The Dec 12th .22 rimfire match had 15 shooters-two women-no youth. The next match is Jan 9th at 9 am. From Bob Birney, the Benchrest match on Dec 19th had 12 shooters-2 new. It was in the 20’s, calm and foggy. Next match Jan 30th. There will be a 3-gun in April.

Board Report: Dave Baalman it was all old business. They sent a total of 9 letters to our State Legislators asking them to sponsor a bill to change the Growth Management Act-as it prevents us from finding any land in Benton Co for range use. They also discussed the NRA instructors’ use of the range, and Theron will address meeting in Old business.

Safety Committee Report: Dave Baalman said the program not running now, but have been no issues/incidents reported. This will restart around April time frame.

Reminder: Members are responsible for all the guests they bring to the range.

Range Report: Greg said no clean up scheduled due to cold weather. Too cold, and too wet to burn tumbleweeds. There are a lot at 100 yd berm. Some of our grass is starting to come up again. He has fixed a breach in the barbed wire by the gate twice in the last 3 mos. where someone has cut and driven in. If it keeps happening, a trail cam was suggested.

OLD BUSINESS: Dave began with background on the isolation berm proposed by Dr. Marguiles. The Board must approve any changes to the range facility-and it isn’t feasible and undoubtedly would not be approved by our landlords. It had been moved for a vote previously-tho’ moot due to no board support. Unanimous NO vote. Theron gave a synopsis of his proposal for NRA instructor range use. Guidelines possible incl-limited use, instructor be a member, create a ‘trainer coordinator’, allow the range to be open. He felt the classes had only created a problem with 2 range members. There was disagreement of this # from the floor. It was first moved to vote on if the club members support NRA training if the Board works it out. The vote was 25-yes and 6-no. It was then voted on if the Board should bring back the final proposal for club approval. The vote was unanimous-yes. There was next the January election of officer/board positions. Ballots passed out, 29 turned in. Vote was unanimous to retain all officers and board members Bob Birney and Steve Schlegel. Eric Nield did volunteer to intern with Bill to begin learning the membership chair job. Bill much appreciates that!

NEW BUSINESS: Bob Birney works with the local Friends of NRA. Last year they gave out over $425,000 in Grant money. It went to Boy Scouts, Franklin Co Sheriff, Hunter Ed…and many more. The yearly Banquet raises the funds for these grants. The next Banquet is Fri March 4th at the TRAC. The club has always supported in the past. There are some 60 firearms, art work and décor to bid on or try for in drawings. He moved that the club again sponsor a table for 8 and $500 in raffle tickets for $750. It was 2nd and approved. There is also raffle going for 6 handguns. Tickets are $50, but only 200 tickets will be sold. From the floor Mark shared that the NRA had a special going for life membership at $600; from the floor someone said it was down to $500. He thought this was a great savings for younger members paying $35/yr now. A good deal, and a great way to support the NRA.

Great advice on why you should not repeatedly rechamber the same round in your handgun or AR-15… http://preparedgunowners.com/2015/09/17/why-you-should-never-rechamber-the-same-ar-15-round-twice/

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