February 2012 Club Newsletter


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February 2012 Club Newsletter

Club officers:     Board of Directors:
President: Gaylord Baker 628-9044     Chair: Steve Schlegel  
Vice President: Mike Fowler 531-7780     Secretary: Ryan Bongers  
Treasurer: Rick Kilgore 586-2354     Members: Wally Ruff Sam Kniveton
Secretary: Cosette Baker 628-9044       David Baalman Dwayne Locker
Membership: Bill High 547-1052      


Upcoming meetings: February 2 & March 1 (all meetings are at the Griggs Hunter Ed room @ 7pm)

Upcoming work parties: February 5 & March 4 (maintenance chair Greg Hagen 545-4705, work parties start @8am)

Officer & board elections are complete. Mike Fowler will be taking over as club VP, Dave Baalman & Dwayne Locker are taking the open board positions, and all other officers will remain for another term. Thanks to all the incoming, outgoing and continuing officers & board members for your service, the club could not run without you!

We also had our special vote on the bylaw amendments. All amendments passed, with the exception of amendment #2, which was withdrawn by the board, so NRA membership will still be required for club membership.

The club calendar of events is complete, and available on the club website. We have tried very hard to keep lots of time open for general shooting, and we have also made every effort to make sure that the calendar shows when general shooting is allowed and when it is not (by color coding). We have listed an estimated end time for each sanctioned event, but please remember that these are an estimate only, events can run over due to weather, number of attendees, and other unforeseen circumstances, but they should give you an idea of when events are ending so that you can plan your range use accordingly.

We have a new match discipline for 2012, it’s called NRA Highpower Sporting Rifle. It’s fired from standing, sitting, and prone positions, and is open to any centerfire rifle, and scopes are allowed. We have 6 dates scheduled for the year, including some weeknights during the summer, so come on out and join us (our first match is February 12). More information is available on the club website for this discipline and all the others we hold at our range, so check it out if you are interested.

It’s renewal time! The gate combination will change on April 1st, so don’t forget to renew before then or you will be locked out until you do! You can mail your renewal to the club address listed above, and we will mail your new membership card to you. Please include your proof of NRA membership, dues ($50, or $25 if you participated in a work party this year), and make sure we have your current address and phone number. If you prefer to renew at a meeting, please show up a little early so that we can get you taken care of before the meeting. If we wait until after the meeting to do renewals the membership committee can’t start new member orientation on time.

If you still need to get some work party credit, we will be having work parties on February 5, & March 4. If you can’t make those dates or are unable to perform physical labor, please call an officer or speak to one at a meeting, we will be happy to accommodate you by assigning you some work that fits your schedule or your physical abilities.

We are noticing a lot of clay pigeons on the berms. Please remember that rule #40 forbids the use of clay pigeons as targets on the rifle & pistol areas of the range. We waive this rule for organized events like hunter ed, hunter sight in, and women & youth shoot, but these are special cases that are agreed upon by the officers. The general reason for this rule is that the clay pigeons become a bit of an eyesore. We waive the rule only on days when we have lots of help to clean up the mess.

Hunter ed classes start again this month. To sign up for a hunter ed class, inquire at Griggs, Hole in the Wall, or Wholesale Sports. We also have a couple of NRA certified instructors using our range this year. If you are interested in taking classes from an NRA instructor, you can find one through the NRA website.


Please note we have a new page on the club website, describing all of our different match disciplines in detail, so check it out!

Hunter Bench: (Match Director Wally Ruff 967-5087)

Upcoming matches: Jan 28 (100yd club) Feb 25 (200yd club) March 31 (registered) {all 10 am start}

November results: HBR Glenn Sampson (249-15x) Paul Gylling (248-15x); VFS Matt Muhlbier (245-5x), Rick DeGroat (238-4x), Marlee Parks (237-1x) December results: HBR Dick Holstadt (241-5x), Glenn Sampson (239-2x), Paul Gylling (229-0x); VFS Jim McConnell (245-4x), Dave Baalman (245-3x), Tom Halecki (244-4x)

There are still a couple of club matches left before we start registered matches for the year, so if you are interested in trying out the sport now is a perfect time to get a few matches under your belt without the pressure of a registered match.

Highpower: (Match Director Gaylord Baker 628-9044)

Upcoming matches: February 4 & March 3 (8:30 set-up, start shooting at 9:00)

December results: Gaylord Baker (765-16x) Dave Baalman (716-10x), Rich Gilbert (713-7x), Marlee Parks (713-6x); January results: Gaylord Baker (760-13x) , Dave Baalman (735-10x), Rich Gilbert (725-13x) Cozy Baker (724-7x)

Please note our new later start time for the winter months of 9am, we are hoping to get a little bit better lighting conditions, not to mention a little warmer weather. We also have an M-1 Garand match on March 3 starting at noon, so if you have an old M-1, dust it off and bring it out, they are a lot of fun to shoot!

Three Gun: (Match Director Mark Perkins 509-301-9407)

Upcoming matches: March 17 (9am start)

Three gun is back for a third year at our club. Bring your rifle, shotgun, and handgun and come on out and join us! If you don’t have one of these types of guns, the Touchet Gun Club has them to loan out. Special thanks to the Touchet Gun Club for co-sponsoring these events.

NRA Highpower Sporting Rifle: (Match Director Dave Baalman 783-4141)

Upcoming matches: February 12 & March 18 (9am start)

This is a new discipline at our club, so come join us, you might be one of the first winners!

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