December 2011 Club Newsletter


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December 2011 Club Newsletter

Club officers:     Board of Directors:
President: Gaylord Baker 628-9044     Chair: Steve Schlegel  
Vice President: Dave Baalman 946-6443     Secretary: Bob Birney  
Treasurer: Rick Kilgore 586-2354     Members: Mark Kimmell Lee Haberling
Secretary: Cosette Baker 628-9044       Ryan Bongers Sam Kniveton
Membership: Bill High 547-1052      


Upcoming meetings: December 1 & January 5 (all meetings are at the Griggs Hunter Ed room @ 7pm)

Upcoming work parties: December 10 & January 8 (maintenance chair Greg Hagen 545-4705, work parties start @8am)

January 5 is our annual meeting. The terms for all officer positions and two board positions end as of the January meeting, so we will be accepting nominations for all of the above beginning at the December meeting. Any member can serve as an officer, and anyone who has been a member of the club for at least three years and is familiar with organized shooting can be a board member. If you are interested in serving on the board or being an officer, or if you would like to nominate another member to serve, please come to the December meeting. If you are looking for a way to be more involved with the club, or if you have a particular idea you would like to implement, becoming an officer or board member is a perfect way to make it happen.

We also have some proposed by-law amendments on the table. The text of these proposed amendments and a brief explanation of what they are about are included with this newsletter. The amendments will be voted on at the January annual meeting, but we can discuss and debate them at the December meeting.

ATTENTION Match Directors, Hunter Ed Directors, and Event Coordinators: this is your first notice that the deadline to submit your schedule requests for 2012 is December 15. We will not have a repeat of 2011 where we were still butting heads about the schedule in March. We have a new system set up for schedule requests. You can log on to and click on “submit your events for next year’s calendar”, or you can send an email directly to with your requested dates (both methods wind up in the same place). Include the name of the event, the name of the match director or event coordinator, the date(s) you are requesting, the start time, and your estimated end time. Yes, we are requesting that you tell us how long each event will take. We will not hold you to an end time, but we want to inform the general membership approximately when your event will be over so that they can plan their range use accordingly. If you don’t care which days you get, let us know and we will work you in where we can. Preference will otherwise be shown to established patterns (such as CMP shooting on the first Saturday of the month), after that, it is first come, first served WITHIN REASON. We have to balance the needs of all groups, including the general membership. We can’t have every Saturday filled with one event or group, and we must have some Saturdays open for general shooting. The officers will be creating the schedule, and any disputes will be referred to the board of directors.

Remember, your membership does not renew until March 31, so please hold off on renewals until at least January. We will be busy with officer and board elections, schedule requests, and by-law issues, not to mention the holidays. Your renewal is more likely to fall through the cracks or get misplaced if you send it in during this busy time for the officers.

The December and January work parties are tentative, and weather permitting. If we get a bunch of snow or icy roads, we don’t want everyone trying to drive to the range just to pull a few weeds. We have plenty of work to do, but it can all wait for better weather if necessary. We are aware that the work parties in February and March often have the best attendance, so we will be scheduling plenty of work for them. If you still need work party credit but can’t attend a normal work party due to schedule issues or personal physical limitations, please don’t hesitate to call an officer or Greg Hagen (our maintenance chair). We can assign you some work that fits your schedule or physical capabilities, and we will make sure that the amount of time you wind up spending is similar to that done by everyone else who receives credit.

Please keep your speed down on the entrance road. It takes time and fuel to maintain it when the washboard conditions get bad.


Hunter Bench: (Match Director: Wally Ruff 967-5087)

Upcoming matches: December 17 (200 yd club match, 9am start)

October Results: (HFS) Jim (239-3x), Wally (239-2x), Randy (239-2x) (VFS) Dick (242-6x), Ed (240-0x), John (238-1x)

We are still in the time of year that we only conduct club matches, at a single yardage. This is a perfect time of year to try the sport out without the pressure of a registered match, so come on out and join us!

Highpower: (Match Director: Gaylord Baker 628-9044)

Upcoming matches: December 3 & January 7 (7:30 set-up, start shooting at 8:00)

October Results: Gaylord (735-8x), Cozy(688-5x), Marlee (684-8x)

November Results: Gaylord (762-10x), Rich (730-8x), Ryan (676-7x)

As we put together the schedule for next year, we are debating what types of matches to hold for our secondary matches. This year we held several bolt action rifle matches, and a couple of M-1 Garand matches. We will most likely have some more of the same, plus maybe a sporting highpower or two. If anyone would like to shoot another type of match from the CMP or NRA standard course guidelines, let us know and we will see if we can generate enough interest to put one on.

We will be shooting video of the course of fire and safety briefing before the December match, and putting it up on the club website and facebook page. We also have several photos and videos of past matches there, so check it out if you are interested in joining us, or just want to know what the sport entails.

Three Gun: (Match Director: Mark Perkins 509-301-9407)

Upcoming matches: TBA

November Results: Dave (185.54sec), Bob (258.23sec), Dean (346.39sec)

Thanks to everyone who has helped us set up and tear down the equipment for these matches. If you are interested in Three Gun, check out the TCMSA or Touchet Gun Club website or the club facebook page, there are photos and videos of several matches, and a video of the introduction and safety briefing before a match.

Special thanks to the Touchet Gun Club for co-sponsoring these events.


There are no more Hunter Ed dates scheduled for this year. To sign up for Hunter Ed classes for next year, inquire at the sporting goods counter at Griggs, at Hole in the Wall, or at Wholesale Sports.

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