August 2017 Club Newsletter

Upcoming meetings: September 7 and October 5, 2017 (all meetings are at the Griggs Hunter Ed room @ 7pm)
Upcoming work parties: Consult our website (maintenance chair Greg Hagen 545-4705

General Announcements

The 2017 club calendar is up on the website. As always, it may be updated as new things come up, but we hope these changes will be minimal. Be sure to take a look at the calendar before you head out to the range, and pay special attention to which events allow general shooting while the event is going on. We don’t want you to waste your time or fuel driving out to the range if you won’t be able to shoot.

Membership: Dues: It is $80 to join with renewals at $60, or $40 if you participated in a work party in the last year. If the renewal is late (after July 1st) you will need to rejoin at $80. You can mail your renewal to the club address during Jan/Feb to save from being in long lines during meetings, or come to a meeting to renew but face the lines. Also please remember that our membership committee is made up of volunteers, and all of them have day jobs and remember that all mail in the Tri-Cities now goes through Spokane, so make sure to send in your renewal early so you don’t get locked out.

Reminder: There has also been a policy change, you must renew before July 1 or you will be considered a new member, meaning dues will be $80 and you must go through new member orientation again.

TCMSA wants you to know: Be sure to stay behind the firing line when the range is hot. The firing line is the front edge of the concrete benches, extended each way across the whole range. If your brass or some other item falls in front of the line, you need to make the entire line cold to retrieve it.

President’s Column:
Given the hot and dry summer, this is a reminder to all members. DO NOT SHOOT THE STEEL TARGETS WITH STEEL CORE ROUNDS. The use of steel core rounds on the steel targets is never allowed. There is a magnet next to the warning system control box to check your ammo if you are not certain if they are steel core. A new sign-in system is going to be put in place. One sign-in sheet for members and the other is for your guests. Members must give their guests a quick orientation of the rules and procedures of our range. There is a box of ranges rules in the sign-in trailer. Members are responsible for the immediate control of all their guests at all times, only allow the number of guests that you are totally in control of to be on the line at all times.

Again, please be cautious on the range, it is very dry, we do not need a fire! Smoking is prohibited forward of the firing line.

Club Matches:

3-GUN MATCH: The 3-gun match on July 29th had 8 shooters. Some of them were new, but still looking for more shooters! The next match is Sunday August 20th. Come try it out. If you don’t have a rifle, handgun or shotgun, the Match Director has them to loan for the match. New steel has been ordered for the 200 yard line. Boat race weekend and heat may have slowed it down. This month I am adding a barricade so that we can stop long time shooters from shooting from the bench. It may still be used by new comers. I am also going to reduce magazine capacity to standard with plus 2s as well as removing barrel weights. Bob

Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Match: The next CMP matches are Aug 5th and Sept 9th. This is a 200 yard 3-position match. Set up is at 7:30 and we start shooting at 8. Any service rifle from any country can be used. The course is 50 rounds for record plus sighters. Even if you have never tried this before, everyone will help you get started.

100 yard .22 Rimfire Match: The July 8 .22 match had 21 shooters, with 2 juniors and 1 woman. The next matches are August 12th and Sept 9th. This is a 100 yard match, and it is free. Any .22 rimfire rifle with any sights is suitable for this event. You will see
scopes and iron sights on the line. There are different classes, so you would not be shooting a plinker against a custom built rifle. The course is 40 rounds for record plus unlimited sighters.

Hunter Sight-In Days:
The Range is open to the public for sighting in rifles on Sat Sept 9th from 10-3 and on Sun Sept 17th from 9-2. Club members will be volunteering to assist hunters to get their rifles sighted-in and on target. This event is free to the public. Volunteers should bring scopes, sandbags or any equipment helpful for sighting in a rifle. You get work party credit and can shoot during the lulls. If you’d like to help, contact Ray Volert at 539-8984.

Safety Committee Report: During the month of July the safety advisers interacted with 146 shooters during their shifts. There were 12 teachable moments consisting of 2 handling firearms during cold range, 3 muzzle control issues, 4 forward of line while range hot, 1 firearms on the back tables and 2 no eye protection. Resulting in 8.22% non-compliance of range or safety rules.

To maintain a safe range all members should help by contacting people they see not abiding by the rules when a safety adviser is not on duty.

As a club member re-joining eight years ago I feel the officers and board have done a great job at improving the range, providing numerous disciplines to shoot and a safe range.

In the last few years, we have had a large influx of new members and a small percentage are irresponsible and do not follow rules. Several examples are shooting impromptu targets and just leaving them on the range for someone else to pick up. Using the cigarette butt cans that a member donated time to make as targets. Recently an SA was at the range early in the week shooting and noticed that target frames on the pistol range were shot up with shotguns by someone who had ignored the sign posted on the nearby canopy “no shotguns on pistol range”. If you want to shoot a bad guy target with a shotgun then bring your own target frame and set it up on the shotgun range and blast away.

All members need to assist in keeping our range safe and maintained by contacting a person if you see them being unsafe or ignoring other range rules. If you are reluctant to make that sort of contact than just engage in a casual conversion and get their name or even wait until you see them leave and jot down their license number. On our web page under “range safety” there is an incident report form you can fill out or contact any officer or board member.

We all want to continue having a range open seven days a week without an RO but every member needs to help in making that possible. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Mark Johnson – 509-308-5335

Reminder: Members are responsible for all the guests they bring to the range. Additionally, every member is accountable for the condition of the range.

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Stay safe, keep your powder dry and we’ll see you at the range!


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