April 2012 Club Newsletter


Upcoming meetings: April 5 & May 3 (all meetings are at the Griggs Hunter Ed room @ 7pm)

Upcoming work parties: April 22 & May 6 (maintenance chair Greg Hagen 545-4705, work parties start @ 8am)

You may have noticed some changes at the range. We have moved the sign in sheet to the Southeast end of the rail car (nearest to the restrooms), and consolidated our storage into the other end. We are now working to dismantle the old clubhouse trailer & remove it from the range.

At the February general membership meeting, the club voted to pursue the sale of our competition metal silhouettes, since they have not been used in many years. We have an inventory of what the club has, and are working on determining their value and searching for possible buyers. We may have an offer to consider at the April meeting. Proceeds from this sale would be used to purchase some other reactive targets for general use.

We are aware of that some members pick up lead at the range. We don’t have an issue with this at all, in fact the more lead members pick up, the better the range looks. We would however like to keep track of how much lead is removed each year. We have added a spot on the sign in sheet for you to tell us how much you have removed. You don’t need a scale, just give us an estimate of the weight, or an idea of the volume so we can keep track. And remember, you pick up lead at your own risk.

Starting with this newsletter, we are going to try to remind everyone of some of the more important safety and range rules each month. If you have a suggestion of an item you think should be included, send it to the contact us page on the club website or give an officer a call. For this month, we will mention hot & cold conditions at the range. Remember that when the range is hot, no one is to be beyond the firing line. When the range is cold, no one is to handle a firearm in any manner (this includes cased firearms). Also remember that when the range is cold, this includes the entire facility, from the CMP firing line all the way to the shotgun area. And finally remember that before the range can be declared hot or cold, everyone on the range must be notified of the change in condition. The horns & strobes are useful for this communication, but don’t assume that everyone heard you unless you get a positive confirmation from everyone.

The Friends of the NRA banquet was another great success this year, and the club again won something. This year it is a hard sided double rifle case, with the NRA logo. This will be raffled off free of charge to a member in good standing at the April general membership meeting, but you must be present to win. So come to the meeting for a chance to win!

March 31 is the last day of the club year. If you have not renewed your membership, you are about to be locked out, the gate combination will change April 1. You can come to the April meeting to renew, or you can renew by mail. Send your check to the club address listed above, ($50, or $25 if you participated in a work party this year) along with proof of NRA membership. We will mail you a new card ASAP.

Hunter Ed classes have started again for the year. We also have some NRA instructors using our range, and we have our usual compliment of 5 different match disciplines. The schedule is getting pretty busy, but we are trying to accommodate general shooting and keep as many days open as we can. Remember that general shooting is always allowed during Hunter Ed classes, NRA instructor classes, CMP matches, NRA Sporting Highpower matches, and Cast Bullet matches. General shooting is NOT allowed during Benchrest matches and Three Gun matches, and remember that the range is closed during work parties. We also want to remind you that additional time is needed for setup before the matches, and all this info is on the club schedule. You can see the schedule on the club website, and it is also posted in the railcar above the sign in sheet.


Hunter Bench: (match director Wally Ruff 967-5087)

Upcoming matches: March 31 & April 28 (both are registered matches @ 100 & 200 yd, 7am start)

Results of the February match: HBR: Glenn Sampson 244-6x, Jim McConnell 244-5x, Paul Gylling 239-3x. VFS: Matt Muhbeirer 245-11x, Marlee Parks 245-7x, Mike Fowler 240-2x. The February match was fired in extreme winds, but the scores were excellent! March is the beginning of our registered matches for the year. If you are interested in joining us, please do!

Highpower: (match director Gaylord Baker 628-9044)

Upcoming matches: April 7 & May 5 (7:30 set-up, start shooting at 8:00)

February results: Gaylord Baker 753-12x, Dave Baalman 733-15x, Ryan Bongers 713-9x. March results: Dave Baalman 751-19x, Gaylord Baker 745-11x, Ryan Bongers 728-8x. March Garand match results: Gaylord Baker 451-10x, Dave Baalman 408-3x, Paul Werner 403-2x.

We are back to our usual earlier start time for the spring. If you are interested in joining us, we have a very relaxed match, where we stress the safety rules but little else, so come join us!

Three Gun: (match director Mark Perkins 509-301-9407)

Upcoming matches: April 14 & May 26 (9am start)

March 17 results: Steve: 159.63sec, Dave: 169.13sec, Cliff 272.43sec.

We shoot an interesting version of three gun, where you are just out to challenge yourself, and the times only decide who gets bragging rights, so come out and join us. If you don’t have a needed gun, the Touchet Gun Club has them to loan out. Special thanks to the Touchet Gun Club for co-sponsoring these events.

NRA Highpower Sporting Rifle: (match director Dave Baalman 528-0813)

Upcoming matches: June 13 (that’s a Wednesday night, 5pm start)

February results: Marlee Parks 302-8x, Gaylord Baker 299-6x, Dave Baalman 298-7x. March Results: Marlee Parks 308-12x, Gaylord Baker 306-11x, Dave Baalman 299-4x. This is a new discipline at our club, and we are very impressed with the scores so far. There is also a postal-league in this discipline, which starts in June. Registration ends in May, unlimited teams of 4-6 shooters for each club. If you are interested contact Dave.

Cast Bullet: (match director George Damron)

Our first match of the year is April 8, start setup at 7am. Bring your hand cast ammo & join us!

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