Annual Meeting

January 4, 2018, is the club’s annual meeting, where we will hold elections for all 4 officer positions and 2 of the 6 board positions. The existing officers have all been nominated for another 1-year term, and the sitting board members plus 2 other members have been nominated for 3-year terms.

We’ve had the same officers for several years, some have served for over a decade. The board has had a bit more turnover, but not much. The operation of the club has been excellent, as evidenced by the fact that everyone has been nominated for another term, but at some point, people begin to get burned out. Also of note is the fact that our Membership Coordinator intends to retire sometime in 2018 and soon after move out of the area. If you have ever considered volunteering your time & efforts to make the club a better organization, now is the time, consider this a call to arms! None of the existing volunteers will be at all offended if someone offers to run against them, and if you are interested in being the Membership Coordinator, moving into the position while the current volunteer is still here to teach you the system would likely be invaluable. So please, volunteer and help us keep the club a great place to shoot!

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