April 2016 Club Newsletter

Upcoming meetings: May 5 and June 2, 2016 (all meetings are at the Griggs Hunter Ed room @ 7pm)
Upcoming work parties: Consult our website (maintenance chair Greg Hagen 545-4705

General Announcements

The 2016 club calendar is up on the website (see link above). As always, it may be updated as new things come up, but we hope these changes will be minimal. Be sure to take a look at the calendar before you head out to the range, and pay special attention to which events allow general shooting while the event is going on. We don’t want you to waste your time or fuel driving out to the range if you won’t be able to shoot.

Membership: Dues: It is $80 to join with renewals at $60, or $40 if you participated in a work party in the last year. If the renewal is late (after July 1st) you will need to rejoin at $80. You can mail your renewal to the club address during Jan/Feb to save from being on long lines during meetings, or come to a meeting to renew but face the lines. Also please remember that our membership committee is made up of volunteers, and all of them have day jobs, and remember that all mail in the Tri-Cities now goes through Spokane, so make sure to send in your renewal early so you don’t get locked out.

Reminder: There has also been a policy change, you must renew before July 1 or you will be considered a new member, meaning dues will be $80 and you must go through new member orientation again.

TCMSA wants you to know: When the range is cold, this includes the ENTIRE FACILITY. Just because the shotgun area points a different direction doesn’t mean you can keep shooting when the line goes cold. The road to 200 yards passes through the shotgun area, plus imagine being down range and hearing a shot from the shotgun area, you don’t know where it came from or if someone is putting you in danger.

Match Reports: Gaylord said the March 5th CMP had 8 shooters-7 cmp and 1 any-any. The April 2nd CMP had 9 shooters-7 cmp and 2 any-any. It was a perfect day. The next CMP is May 7th at 8 am. The March 12th .22 Rimfire match had 15 shooters-including 1 junior and 2 women. The next match is April 9th at 8 am. The March 19th SHP had 6 shooters. It was nice, but chilly. The next match is April 16th.

Board Report: Sam said there was no meeting, so nothing to re-port.

Safety Committee Report: Mark shared that Dave plans on re-starting the program mid to late April-in time to help out with the Boy Scout Camporee on April 30th.

Reminder: Members are responsible for all the guests they bring to the range.

Range Report: Greg said there were over 20 members that attended the March 20th work party. The 200 yd line filled in East w/target frame holders, the 4 plastic bins filled w/ garbage/shotgun area magnet run. Please p/u any loose targets you see when out there to keep them from blowing into the orchard.

OLD BUSINESS: Don’s Board position is vacant and Alex Job has been nominated to fill it. There will be a vote of hands. After voting it was unanimous approval. Alex is the new board member. Gaylord shared that the club didn’t win anything at the NRA banquet.

NEW BUSINESS: Mark, from the floor, requested members consider picking up their spent steel cases. We do have a magnet for work parties-but the empties all over the ground do make a mess. Also from the floor someone said there had been aluminum cans shot-with pieces left all over the ground; maybe a reminder to members that it’s not an acceptable target. There was another floor comment, praising Greg for his efforts at the range keeping it good looking. Greg countered that it was only possible with the members’ help.

From the floor it was shared that there is an Appleseed shoot in Waitsburg on April 30/May 1st. More information is available at appleseedinfo.org. Also from the floor it was stated that the police gate was left open and he closed it. Was that the right move? It was corrected that, no, the officers don’t have the key, and it’s left open when training-as we do at our club matches.

Debunking common revolver myths…read the article and watch the video to learn key points… https://www.gunsamerica.com/blog/debunking-common-revolver-myths/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=20160215_BlogDigest_159g&utm_campaign=/blog/debunking-common-revolver-myths/

If you are getting this newsletter by US mail, please take a moment to get us your email address. Just go to the club website and enter your email in the subscribe link at the top left corner of the home page. You will then receive an email confirming your subscription, there is a link in that email that you need to click to confirm, and you will be all signed up. If you receive the newsletter by both US mail and email, please let us know so that we can drop you from the US mail list. Either send an email through the contact us link on the website at: http://tcmsa.org/contact-us/.

Stay safe, keep your powder dry and we’ll see you at the range!

How To Renew

  • The TCMSA year runs from April 1 through March 31. All memberships expire on March 31, and the gate combination changes on April 1.
  • If you don’t renew before April 1, you will be locked out until we process your renewal and send you your new membership card with the new gate combination.
  • If you don’t renew by July 1, your membership will expire and you will have to rejoin the club as a new member, pay the new member price, and attend new member orientation to receive the new gate combination.
  • We will not accept any renewals before the first Thursday in January, which is our annual meeting.The gate combination is not assigned until after that meeting, so we can’t send out any membership cards before then. If your renewal is sent by mail before the January meeting, we will cash the check, but we will not send out a new card for several weeks.
  • Remember all mail in the Tri-Cities is now routed through Spokane, and it takes several days for us to receive anything from you in the mail. Also remember our membership committee is all volunteer, and they all have day jobs. Don’t mail us your renewal on March 30 and expect to have the gate combination by April 1.
  • Your dues are $60 per year if you did not attend a work party during the previous year, or $40 if you did. We can accept cash or check, we are unable to accept credit cards at this time.
  • You can renew at a meeting. If you choose to renew this way, please arrive a few minutes early so we can get you processed before the meeting starts.
  • You can also renew by mail, send your check to the club address: TCMSA PO Box 4587, Pasco, WA 99302-4587. If your address, phone number, or email address have changed, please include a note with the new information. We won’t be able to get the info straight off your check, as the person who handles the check is not the same person who processes the renewal.
  • If your NRA membership expired over the past year, please also include proof of NRA membership.
  • If you have any questions, come to a meeting, email the club address tcmsa11@gmail.com, or contact Bill High, the membership coordinator at 547-1052.

Work Party

There will be work party on Sunday, March 20th at 8 am. It will be the last work party before the renewal deadline. The gate combo changes on April 1st.