Clay Pigeon Announcement

ClayPigeonAnnouncementYou might have heard that the club has voted to start a trial program of allowing the use of clay pigeons as targets in the rifle area. We have set up a designated area for clay pigeons, near the middle of the 100 yard berm between the white stakes. This is the ONLY area where clay pigeons are allowed as targets in the rifle and pistol areas. Clay pigeons must be placed low on the berm, so that the bullets impact in the backstop. If this works well, we will consider expanding to other yardages, but if we begin to see clay pigeons on the top of the berm or in places outside the designated area, we will reinstate the rule against using them in the rifle and pistol areas at all.

Enjoy & be safe!

November 2014 Club Newsletter

Upcoming meetings: Dec 4th and January 1 (all meetings are at the Griggs Hunter Ed room @ 7pm)
Upcoming work parties: November 22nd at 8 am. Consult our website (maintenance chair Greg Hagen 545-4705

General Announcements

The 2014 club calendar is up on the website (see link above). As always, it may be updated as new things come up, but we hope these changes will be minimal. Be sure to take a look at the calendar before you head out to the range, and pay special attention to which events allow general shooting while the event is going on. We don’t want you to waste your time or fuel driving out to the range if you won’t be able to shoot.

Match Reports: TCMSA will be holding a Highpower match shooting clinic on December 13, 2014. Our intent with this event is to help anyone interested in starting or already shooting in one or more of the highpower match disciplines that we currently hold at TCMSA. If you are interested in attending this event, contact Dave Baalman (509-528-0813) or Gaylord Baker (509-628-9044) for more info.

A Civilian Markmanship Program (CMP): the Oct 4th CMP had 12 shooters: 8 cmp and 4 anyany. Oct 11th .22 match had 16 shooters-we have room for 20 before we need 2 relays. The Nov 1st CMP had 9 shooters: 7 cmp and 2 anyany. Nov 15 is the next .22 match. 9 am, 40 rds/score, free. The Oct 25 Benchrest match had 12 shooters. The Oct 18 Sporting match had 3 shooters. The next Benchrest is Nov 29, 9 am-range closed 8-1.

There will be a CMP match clinic on Sat Dec. 13th. It will cover CMP-anyany-sporting. There will be about 1 hr in the Griggs classroom, and then will proceed to the range. Many are interested in shooting these disciplines, but don’t know much about them. It will be free to members and juniors, and a $2 target fee for non-members. The time till follow-when he knows when the classroom free. Contact Gaylord-Dave if interested-to judge interest.

Safety Committee Report: There were 137 shooters, with 10 teachable moments-1:14 ratio. This is better than some, but not the best. The program will start again in the spring. Let Dave know if you’re willing to volunteer. You get work party credit, and a gift card for each shift—Griggs, Sportsman’s, Ranch & Home.

Safety reminder: Make sure you aren’t shooting steel core or armor piercing bullets on steel targets, or poppers (spring loaded steel targets) as these will destroy or shorten the lifespan of these targets because they were designed to withstand copper clad lead or plain lead ammo (not steel core ammo).

With regards to the extremely dry conditions,make sure you don’t use any tracers, exploding bullets, or exploding targets, and watch those cigarette & cigar butts. There are butt cans all along the firing line for your use.

The safety advisor program is still in need of more volunteers. Because it seems to be just the same few people volunteering, the club has authorized a new incentive program. For each safety advisor shift that they work, volunteers will receive a $25 gift card for a local sporting goods store. Safety advisor volunteers need to have been a member of the club for at least 2 years, or have shot in at least 6 club sanctioned matches, or otherwise be able to demonstrate extensive experience in operating an organized firing facility, such as military or law enforcement experience. Safety advisors are at the range on Fridays & weekends during peak use hours, and can shoot during their shifts. The main duty is just to watch the line and educate any members who need some extra coaching on the rules or general safety. We all need to be our brothers’ keepers, and if you’re going out to shoot anyway, you might as well be willing to put on a vest for a few hrs. Also, when making the range cold, make sure to really ‘lay’ on the horn-just a tap might not be enough, we’re all getting older and hearing is starting to fade. Dave said the SA program ran through Oct 12th. This coincided with the opening of the general hunting season. If you want some more information or want to volunteer, contact Dave Baalman at 783-4141, or Wayne Rowett at 783-4470, or send an email to the club address.

Range Report: The range will be closed Nov 20 and 21. The steel will be removed on Thursday and the berm maintenance work will be done on Friday. On Sat Nov 22nd there will be a work party-to assemble all the steel and re-construct the range. We are hoping for a good turn-out, as there will be LOTS to do. Bring any tools helpful-especially post hole diggers. Greg will also get some steel scrap and make some new target frames.

New Business: The Pasco Police will be using the range for night training on Wed Nov 19 from 4pm-11pm. 2015 calendar requests will be sent to a specific email— These can be sent starting Dec 15th. Club sponsored events will have priority. Dave Baalman said the handling of the sign-in sheets-collecting, collecting data, saving/storing is quite a job. A volunteer to deal with this could get work party credit—replace-collect-scan to thumb drive for storage, so as not to have hundreds of sheets of paper to store. Contact Dave if interested. He also spoke about a planned mini-class concerning CMP matches and equipment. It would be some classroom and some range. It would probably be in early Dec, to be able to get this classroom. It would be free to members and juniors, and a target fee would be charged for others. To get an idea of degree of interest-please contact Gaylord if interested.

Reminder: we’re looking for someone to fulfill webmaster duties. They need the ability to email over 700 members at once. We will hire, if needed. This is vital to the club’s success. We need someone that can give us 24hr turn-around on calendar/member notifications.

Also, nominations for all officer positions, and 2 board slots will be open at the Dec meeting. The elections will be at the Jan meeting.

Clay pigeon shooting in the rifle area was approved in November’s meeting. The details will be worked out regarding signage, what area, what yardage, clay position on the berm, etc.

From the floor, a member asked about a shoot sponsored by the FB group-Building ARs-on Dec 4th, to coincide with start of initiative I-594. This would be OK for club members and their guests; not an open to the public event. They had not determined a time.

If you are getting this newsletter by US mail, please take a moment to get us your email address. Just go to the club website and enter your email in the subscribe link at the top left corner of the home page. You will then receive an email confirming your subscription, there is a link in that email that you need to click to confirm, and you will be all signed up. If you receive the newsletter by both US mail and email, please let us know so that we can drop you from the US mail list. Either send an email through the contact us link on the website at .

So the ATF answers the question on 80% completed AR15 receivers…response is not exactly what the gun community, in general , understood…worth reading…plus added bonus is info on what the requirements to apply for a Federal firearms License (FFL)…

Stay safe, keep your powder dry and we’ll see you at the range!

Eight Proposed Amendments to the Club Bylaws

TCMSA members:

Below are 8 proposed amendments to the club bylaws, which will be voted upon at the annual meeting on January 1, 2015. We are not attempting to make any changes to the actual operation of the club, we are simply attempting to clean up some issues in the bylaws and bring them in line with how the club actually operates. Along with the proposed amendments below are a brief explanation in red.
Amendment 1: Article III, section 1 revised to read as follows:

Regular members: Any citizen of the United States eighteen (18) years or older, who may legally own a firearm under the laws of the United States and the State of Washington, may become a member of this organization after filling out a membership form, payment of the usual dues and initiation fees, providing proof of current membership in the National Rifle Association, and on a vote of Regular members in good standing at a regular meeting.

This portion of the bylaws currently contains a requirement that potential members have not been convicted of a “crime of violence”, but gives no explanation thereof. Further a person convicted of a non-violent crime could still not be legally allowed to own a firearm, but we currently don’t prohibit such a person from joining the club. We have revised to “may legally own a firearm” to clarify this area.

Amendment 2: Article III,section 2 revised to read as follows:

Regular members in good standing have voting privileges at any meeting, and receive access to the range facility.

Currently this article says that members receive a “range key”. We have not had a key lock on the gate in many years. This simply re-words to “receive access to the range” so that we are in line with how we currently operate, and so that we don’t paint ourselves in a corner again if we change to an electronic system or some other access control.

Amendment 3: Article III,sections 3, 4, & 5 repealed, & revised to read as follows:

3. Intentionally deleted

4. Intentionally deleted

5. Intentionally deleted

These 3 sections currently define honorary and associate memberships. We don’t have any honorary or associate members, and never have. The intent of these membership types was to allow non-members to receive our newsletter. We currently have the ability for non-members to sign up to receive our newsletter on the website, at no cost, so these types of memberships have been deemed unnecessary.

Amendment 4: Article IV, section 2 revised to read as follows:

No member of this club in arrears shall be eligible to vote or to enjoy any other of the privileges or benefits offered by this club. Club officers, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Coordinator, and the Board members, for services to the club, will not be assessed dues.

This section currently includes “range master” as one of the club officers, and does not include the Membership Coordinator. We have simply reworded to include those positions that actually exist.

Amendment 5: Article IX, section 3 revised to read as follows:

SECRETARY: The Secretary shall conduct all official correspondence pertaining to the club. The Secretary shall notify the membership of all Annual, Regular, and Special Meetings. The Secretary shall keep a true and accurate record of all meetings and have the custody of the books and papers of the club, with the exception of the Treasurers’ books of accounts, and the Membership Coordinator’s records of members.

The definition of the club Secretary currently includes many duties that are now being handled by the Membership Coordinator. We have removed the duties that include keeping track of current & new members from the definition, and moved them to the Membership Coordinator section below.

Amendment 6: Article IX, section 5 added, reading as follows:

MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR: The Membership Coordinator shall keep a record of all current members of the association. All applications for membership & all renewals shall be submitted to the Membership Coordinator, who shall be responsible for coordinating new member orientation & keeping a record thereof. All dues and fees shall be submitted to the Membership Coordinator, who shall remit the same to the Treasurer.

The bylaws currently do not include the Membership Coordinator, a position that we have had for several years. This amendment codifies the position, & defines the duties associated therewith.

Amendment 7: Article X is repealed, and revised to read as follows:

ARTICLE X – Intentionally deleted

Article X currently defines standing committees, including chief instructor & match director. We do not currently have a chief instructor, and haven’t for several years. Each match discipline has a different director, not one single one like the bylaw sets up. Committees are operated the same as any other operation in the club, and their expenses and other issues are handled in the policy book.

Amendment 8: Article XII is repealed, and revised to read as follows:

ARTICLE XII – Intentionally deleted

Article XII currently gives some very cryptic information about match rules. Each match discipline operates under its own rules, which are laid out elsewhere.

Request an Event date on the 2015 Calendar

Please use the web page to submit your dates for range events for the calendar year 2015. This includes all regular matches such as CMP, Sporting High Power, Bench Rest, Three Gun, Hunter Safety and all other like events. Submit your dates and times by December 15th, 2014 so any conflicts can be resolved and the calendar can be posted by January 1st, 2015. The link is identified as “Request an Event Date on the 2015 calendar” on the left side of the web page under Contact Us.

Range Closure & Work Party

The range will be closed Thursday and Friday, November 20th and 21st for Berm maintenance. On Saturday, November 22nd there will be a work party to do general clean-up, and replace all the steel, frames, and etcetera that had to be removed for the dirt work machines. Work party starts at 8 am, and there will be a lot to do-bring any tools, post hole diggers, rakes, shovels that might be helpful. Hoping for a good turnout. Work party credit is earned.